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Why Should You Invest In Staff Training?

We’ve all heard the phrase “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”. No matter the year this statement will always ring true, your employees are the backbone of the company and who doesn’t want more skilled professionals working with them?

Training your employees offers countless benefits for both the individual and to your company, it’s time you started investing in those who keep your company afloat. Here is a list of benefits in case you aren’t already convinced:

Increased Performance: 

Learning doesn’t just stop after formal education, with training providing development in existing skill as well as the chance to learn new skills. These skills can be directly applied to the work environment, enhancing performance in areas not seen before.


Alongside increased performance, developing new skills can provide a new way of thinking for your employees. Allowing for a more creative solution to an otherwise traditional problem, increased creativity and will enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills in all areas of the business. This will not only affect working tasks but can provide solutions for problems within the wider business that may not have been thought of before.

In-house Promotions: 

A large benefit from training your staff is the ability for progression within the business. WIth newly developed skills as well as opportunity to put these into practice means that your staff will advance through the ranks and become available for higher positions. These employees are already within the business meaning that you don’t have to wait time advertising for new staff or via induction as they are already informed about the company and role responsibilities.

Employee Happiness and Loyalty:

Staff training infographic

Perhaps one of the most overlooked but most important factors in training your staff is their increased happiness in the workplace. Everyone wants to work for a company that truly values them as people, investing in their training can show that you value their support in the company. Investing in employees can create loyalty within the workplace leading to lower turnover rates, reducing the amount you spend on advertising for new roles. Of course, this also leads to employee happiness which affects productivity in the workplace.

Business Reputation:

Looking to take on more staff? A key decision factor for many job seekers is the training given within the role. Advertising that you train staff regularly will boost your reputation as an employer who cares about their staff. It suggests to job seekers that they can develop skills on the job and allows for self progression and promotion within your company. Now factoring all that in, who wouldn’t want to work for you!

Online Courses: 

With Intellelearn, our online courses mean that you can access them anywhere you want. Whether training is part of an on the job course or extra development in free time you can access the course whenever and wherever. Our technology means that you can spend time learning and then pick up again where you left off, with no time limit on course completion.

Case Studies:

Check out our case studies from Marston’s Brewery and Peterlee Town Council who invested in their staff training.

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    My good friend and I have been just discussing this subject, she actually is normally endeavouring to prove me incorrect! I will present her this particular blog post and rub it in a little!

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