Learning from Home

Everyone is talking about working from home but what about learning from home? Learning from home has a tonne of perks! eLearning can offer what typical classroom study can’t and it’s the reason online courses are so popular| Here’s what people love about learning from home.


Online learning has never been more convenient. You can open up your laptop anytime and begin learning straight away. But, if you’re always on the move then we have you covered there too – you can access our courses anytime on desktop or mobile. 


There’s nothing better than being home, safe and sound. It’s the perfect learning environment. You don’t need to worry about social distancing or getting to wherever you need to be. You can relax and learn.


Less Stressful

You’re in your own surroundings when you’re at home. There’s a lot less to distract you because you’re comfortable where you are. It allows you to really focus on your studies.



Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can study whenever you like. And if you want to take a break when you want a break, you can. Our Stop-Start Technology allows you to pick your learning up where you left off.


Less Distracting

Working from home has an edge over group learning; you don’t need to try and concentrate over the talking in the background. You can put a little bit of music on or work in the silence – it’s your choice! And that’s the beauty of it.



You work at your own pace when you work from home so that you may get through some sections quicker than others. But you can control the pace to ensure you understand everything.

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