Our courses are designed to be interactive, educational, entertaining and above all, fun. If you are looking for a introduction to Innovation or just refreshing already gained knowledge, our courses are perfect for you. We do not need 'superheroes' or gimmicks to sell our courses! Welcome to your world of Innovation!


Introducing Innovation for Managers

This is an ideal course for all people, regardless of their level, to understand the concept of innovation in the workplace. The course will introduce the main principles of innovation and provide clear guidelines on how to drive an innovation driven organisational change. £20.00 + VAT

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Preparing to Innovate for Managers

This course prepares the learner for innovation. Quite simply, innovation in an organisation will not happen unless it is prepared for. The course will introduce and discuss REAL tools that will be used in the preparation for innovation. This is a must course for any company wanting to encourage innovation throughout the teams or for any individual wanting to develop their personal skills on innovative and creative thinking. £30.00 + VAT

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Generating Ideas for Supervisors and Managers

Idea Generation is essential for any business to succeed in today’s turbulent environment. This course will provide the learner with both the knowledge and the tools to be able to implement a REAL idea generating culture. £30.00 + VAT

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The Innovation Process

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to be able to start the Innovation Process. The learner will understand the 5 Stage Process for implementing innovation into any business. The course provides the learner with the knowledge and the tools to implement REAL innovation into teams and companies. This is an ideal course for both individual and company to understand the actual processes required to start innovating. £30.00 + VAT

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Delivering Innovation for Managers

This course will provide you with the knowledge of ‘what you need to know’ to implement an Innovation Strategy including understanding the Business Model and Leadership/Management requirements. The learner will also be introduced and will understand the models required for ‘what you need to do’ to successfully implement an Innovation Strategy. £30.00 + VAT

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