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Intellelearn Food Hygiene Level 1

Intellelearn Food Hygiene Level 1




We are so confident in our course we guarantee it! If you don't pass, we will give you your money back. The Level 1 Food Hygiene course is a great way to introduce beginners to food safety. This may include cooking at home, work experience in a food environment or self-development for those who have an interest in food handling. This course may be used as an introduction to the subject for children and people with an interest in preparing food safely for a family. It is ideal for use in schools, in addition to a regular curriculum, and for students prior to taking work experience in a food environment. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to understand how to keep clean and hygienic, how to keep their work area clean, how food becomes contaminated and the steps in preventing contamination. Food Hygiene Level 1 course content The content of this e-learning course includes: An introduction to food safety and hygiene Food Safety Hazards and Contamination Why Food Safety is Important Personal Hygiene Hygienic Premises and Equipment Training outcomes By the end of the course learners will: Understand food safety terms commonly used when discussing industry practice Understand the consequences of poor food safety and hygiene Know about practical activities to prevent and control hazards. Understand why personal hygiene is so important Be able to keep surfaces and equipment hygienically clean