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Intellelearn Food Hygiene for Catering Level 2

Intellelearn Food Hygiene for Catering Level 2




The Food Hygiene course is divided into 8 easy to follow interactive modules and includes a multiple choice test at the end: -Food Safety Legislation – food handlers and the law -Microbiological Hazards – the top 10 causes of food poisoning -Physical, Chemical and Allergenic Hazards – types of physical contamination -Food Storage – food labeling and storage -Food Preparation – cooking, reheating, taking food temperatures -Personal Hygiene – food handler responsibilities -Food Premises Design and Cleaning Schedules – food premises and the law -Further Information – 'Safer Food-Better Business' By the end of the course learners will be able to demonstrate that they can: 1) Identify food hygiene hazards. 2) Describe safe food practice. 3) Apply controls to achieve high standards of food hygiene. 4) Explain the principles of food safety management systems. 5) Work in a way that is ethical for the consumer and fulfills your legal obligations as a food handler. This Intellelearn Food Hygiene/Safety course includes: Stop-Start technology meaning you learn at your convenience All device compliant meaning you can use laptop-tablet-smartphone at anytime