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This 15-20 minute course will introduce you to the concept of Kaizen in the workplace. The learning objectives are: The definition of work and wastes Definition of value-adding, non value-adding and waste Waste identification techniques Development of countermeasures to reduce wastes Evolution of waste reduction activities You have 1 year's access to the course from your date of registration. It's best viewed on a PC, laptop or tablet and you'll need to be connected to the internet at a reasonable speed for a decent experience - we recommend a speed of at least 2mb/s. If you're using a tablet device, you may be able to use the Articulate Mobile Player for a better experience. PCs and laptops should be using an up to date browser, such as Chrome or Firefox and remember, you'll need sound enabled too. If you'd like to discuss multiple licenses of this course, email us at hello@intellelearn.com.