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Red Hop Training Beer Styles

Red Hop Training Beer Styles




At Red Hop Training, we believe in people. We believe that training and development can produce exceptional people! Our award winning e-learn courses are helping all our clients through exceptional courses. This Beer Styles course covers the different types of beer from around the world. The learner will gain the confidence to converse with any customer over different styles of beer. The learner will also be able to direct the customer toward the beers you want them to sell! The course covers all types of beer from the palest of pilsners to the darkest porter. Why is this important? It allows the bar professional to talk to the customer with confidence and knowledge and is proven to increase sales by up to 22%! Red Hop Training are experts at producing fantastic learning experiences that are engaging and entertaining as well as educational. Our courses are rich in interaction and we use the latest e-learn technology to ensure a fantastic and high performing learning experience. Our courses and programmes deliver real results! We focus on helping our clients deliver a fantastic experience through knowledgeable and committed staff. The 2018 Coffer Peach Report states: 77% people choose a restaurant or bar based upon the Quality of Experience There is a 76% direct correlation between staff knowledge and staff friendliness There is a clear link in the Report between staff friendliness and customer satisfaction So, the fact is that improving staff knowledge improves staff friendliness. Staff friendliness improves customer satisfaction with the following results: Converting a 'satisfied' customer to 'very satisfied' increases produces an incremental spend of £42.44 per customer per year Converting an 'ambivalent' customer to 'satisfied' increases annual spend by £11.88 per year Customers 'very satisfied' with staff knowledge are 5 times more likely to recommend that bar and restaurant Plus, evidence shows people on a valued training programme are 42% less likely to move jobs! Red Hop Training's unique Beer Basics course will provide the learner with a fantastic learning experience. The learner will understand: the different styles of beer from pilsner to porter. This includes everything from fruity IPA's to bitters! the course will take the learner through the history of beer (honest, it's interesting!) how flavours are affected by and benefit food what is Belgian beer the different characteristics of British beer the world of German and Czech beers Seriously good training for the serious beer person! All Red Hop Training courses are fully accredited to demonstrate and guarantee the quality of the learning. Our courses deliver real results! This Beer Basics course will take between 1-2 hours to complete and is built with stop-start technology to maximise flexibility.