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Innovation is a key element in the competitiveness of both your organisation and the individual teams that make you successful. Our Innovation training courses will deliver REAL learning and provide actual tools to bring value to your organisation and to your customers.

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  • Delivering Innovation

    Delivering Innovation for Managers

    £20.00 +VAT
    Duration 1 Hour


    The course will provide the knowledge for Innovation Governance essential for developing a framework that delivers the Mission, Focus and Implementation of innovation.

  • Generating Ideas

    Generating Ideas for Supervisors and Managers

    £20.00 +VAT
    Duration 1 Hour


    Ideas need to be nurtured and matured. Ideas are rarely arrived at through the sudden flash of creativity or inspiration, and this course simplifies the process of real Idea Generation.

  • Introducing Innovation

    Introducing Innovation for Managers

    £15.00 +VAT
    Duration 1 Hour


    This course will show managers and leaders on how to build a culture that encourages Innovative and Creative Thinking

  • Preparing

    Preparing to Innovate for Managers

    £25.00 +VAT
    Duration 1 Hour


    This Preparing to Innovate course is a great way to introduce people to the importance of preparing a business or teams for Innovation.

  • The Innovation Process

    The Innovation Process

    £50.00 +VAT
    Duration 1 Hour


    This Innovation Process course provides you with the knowledge and the tools to implement REAL innovation into teams and companies.