We are Intellelearn, an online training company that is passionate about learning and development and using state of the art techniques to entertain as well as educate our learners.

Hi, we are Paul and Wendy Boyes, two individuals with a passion for training. At Intellelearn, we do not believe in gimmicks or 'super heroes' to market our online training programmes. Our focus is on converting high quality content into entertaining and interactive courses so our learners gain REAL knowledge. Our courses are fun and, dare we say, cool! They are designed with gamification experts to ensure the learner remains interested from the first minute until completion of each course. All of our courses are accredited by international and nation accreditation organisations. In most cases, we are proud that the courses come with double accreditation!

We are excited to learn about you and put our passion and dedication; our skills and experience; and our total focus on real learning to help you and your organisation to succeed!

Clip art drawings of Wendy and Paul

Why Intellelearn?

There are many great training companies out there delivering some really good online courses. We are proud to be part of a fabulous industry! What makes Intellelearn a leader in this industry is down to two key points: our people and our focus on creating a fun and cool learning experience. 

We have a fabulous team of people! These range from leading experts within the sectors who provide excellent content alongside our team of content developers and gamification specialists. We also work with a number of independent content specialists who we are privileged to call friends. This all produces courses that are fully accredited by leading accreditation organisations.

However, what unites each and every one of us is a true passion for learning that must include fun and interaction but yet remain cool and focused! 

No other online training company can provide such a fantastic learning experience. 

Paul leaning on the Intellelearn logo

What We Do!

We focus on the sectors where we have real experts who can provide excellent content. Our course and programme models combined with this content provides real learning experiences. We understand that content is not enough to trigger learning. There are far too many online training companies that simply put masses of text and add a 'next' button at the bottom! This does not deliver real learning.

At Intellelearn, we combine content, interactivity, gamification and technology into an experience that guarantees real learning. And we make it cool!

Our courses are designed so the learner can learn at their own pace using whatever device they want. Learning is no longer confined to the classroom in a rigid 6-8 hour 'bore-fest'! Intellelearn courses are designed to be broken down into whatever bite sized chunk the learner wants and wherever they want whether it's sitting in a park, on a train or in the office. You choose!

Check out our courses. We are adding new content all the time so if there is something you want us to produce, get in touch through the Contact Us page.